My 2017 Favorites!

With a few more hours before we usher in the new year, i thought it would be cool to share a few of my favorites from 2017. It utterly surprised me that i had favorites this year, after all, the year was not an easy one for me, i found myself one night telling a couple of close friends that it felt as though i was on a “treadmill“, moving but not making any forward progress ūüôĀ .

Having to deeply reflect on 2017 reminded of Oprah’s advice that i should actually come up with a gratitude journal because there were actually so many cool things that happened throughout the year that were overshadowed by the stormy times i faced, maybe if i had a gratitude journal, i would have read through it during this low moments and reminded myself that God was present with me even through the storms. I promised myself that i will be keeping a weekly gratitude journal in 2018, care to join me?

So here are  just a few of my  favorites from 2017:

  1. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho РThe Alchemist has sold over 150 million copies worldwide, won 115 international prizes and awards, has been translated into 80 languages, and is still on the New York Times bestseller list today. (Look out for my next post where i will be reviewing  in detail why you should read this book as you begin the new year).
  2.  Amazon Fire Stick РI said bye bye to cable TV once i discovered i could get all i needed by purchasing this gadget for about 30 bucks (at the time). I got my Netflix, Youtube, Amazon all on this one little device.
  3. Elevation Church youtube channel – Pastor Steve Furtick has blessed my heart by breaking down the word of God in its simplest, purest, relatable form in a way that connects to my soul, his sermons always leave me uplifted. If you are having doubts of where you are in life or trying to figure out what is the next step for you or asking yourself ” What is God doing in my life“, then his December 2017, 4 part “Waymaker” series may just bless your heart as it did mine.


4.¬†4 minute HIIT workout on Youtube –¬† No time to work out? No worries. This quick 4 min workout will help kickstart your day and keep your metabolism high for the next 12 hours if you can spare 4 minutes.

5.  Canon T6i camera РI purchase my first DSLR camera earlier in the year, but only started using it later in the year as my love for photography and videography grew. Though its on a higher price point , this camera has all you need for anyone wanting to start high end photography using an easy to understand camera. I am excited to explore it even more in 2018.

As the new year goes by, i hope to keep you informed on my monthly favorites. Please let me know some of your favorites too, it would be cool to check them out. Once again, Happy new year!

With love, Iro




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